Five Things You Need to Keep in Your Mind Before Buy Online ACC Cement in Kurud, Dhamtari

Cement is one of the essential raw materials used in construction because of its binding property. ACC Cement has been manufactured in India since 1936; it has earned a good reputation and brand name. It’s a local favorite in areas where it has a factory. Customers prefer ACC cement because of its better particle size distribution and high early-age strength.

 Here are the five points you should know if you decide to Buy Online ACC Cement in Kurud, Dhamtari.

Check For Ratings and Testimonials.

When buying anything online, check for ratings. Because ACC cement is already an established name in the cement industry, it is better to check for the dealer’s review before ordering from them. Also, if the website has testimonials from previous clients, you will have more assurance of getting the right and authentic products.

Pro Tip: always review and rate any service or product you are availing. It will help future customers make informed decisions. 

The Dealer Should Provide Timely Delivery.

While placing the order, always ask about the delivery time. Timely delivery will keep the construction project on time. Also, hold the delivery agents and delivery executives accountable if you face a delayed delivery. 

The Cement Is Genuine.

Many fraud brands duplicate the big brands and provide cheap quality cement. In such cases, the building, dam, bridges may collapse. When ordering online, make sure the dealer is a registered partner/distributor of the brand.

Acceptance of Payment

When you are ordering online, the dealer should accept different payment options. Right from debit or credit card payments to cash on delivery, you should be free to choose the method you are comfortable with. Online transactions are hassle-free, quick, and authentic. 

Good Website for Easy Navigation

One should check for an organized website of the dealer. When you look for the product description, you should get all the required information at once. This way you will save time and make up your mind. 

Here Are Some Tips for Recognizing Authentic ACC Cement
  • Read the manufacturer’s name and registered trademark correctly. If there is no mention of the brand and name or a spelling error, the cement bag could duplicate.
  • Cement bags should have The ISI mak printed in black on them. 
  • The cement bags should mention the grade and Type of Cement. Ordinary Portland Cement, 53 Grade or Ordinary Portland Cement, 53-S Grade, whichever is applicable, must be printed on an OPC 53 cement bag.
  • MRP (Maximum Retail Price) is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a cement bag. Checking the MRP before purchasing the cement bag will assist the consumer in avoiding any fraud.
  • It would benefit if you searched for the manufacturer’s address on the bag to make it easier to contact them in the future.

Cement bags should be stacked in a header-and-stretcher pattern, alternating lengthwise and crosswise. This will reduce air circulation as much as possible and prevent the stack bags from toppling. Packers should not contact water or moisture if you want to avoid lumps.


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